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Apraemio is a unique digital asset backed by gold, with exclusive rights to access one of the largest gold reserves in Mali, Africa.



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Apraemio is a digital asset backed by gold, ensuring stability and security for investors seeking tangible value in the digital realm.


Apraemio is an investment opportunity rooted in gold reserves, providing stable and resilient returns for investors in uncertain times. With careful asset allocation and risk management strategies, Apraemio aims to deliver sustainable long-term growth potential.

Born in Mali

The $APRA token is supported by the gold reserves of Mali, a country renowned for its abundant natural resources. This investment opportunity has the potential to attract investors from all over the world, highlighting Mali's valuable contribution to the global economy.

DLT Worldwide

Borders do not limit Apraemio's presence; it thrives on a distributed ledger accessible to all corners of the globe, ensuring transparency, accessibility, and inclusivity for all investors.

How APRA works?

Ownership of Gold Mine

The ecosystem comprises three entities: Apesco, GGS Mali, and Apraemio LTD. Apesco manages and coordinates financial, operational, and mining activities. GGS Mali extracts gold to back the $APRA tokens issued by Apraemio LTD, which finances mining operations. Apraemio LTD backs the $APRA tokens with gold. Apesco oversees operations to maintain standards. $APRA tokens are backed by gold, ensuring value assurance. The ecosystem is reliable and transparent and promotes growth and stability.

Investment Opportunity

Apraemio allows investors to participate in a token investment backed by tangible, real-world value—gold. By purchasing $APRA tokens, investors gain direct exposure to the mining operations within the Apraemio LTD ecosystem.

Financing Operations

Funds generated from the sale of $APRA tokens are primarily used to finance crucial aspects of gold drilling and mining operations. Moreover, these funds support Apraemio's unique gold discovery research program and the ongoing development of the $APRA token ecosystem.

Gold Redemption Program

50% of the gold gained through the mining endeavors will be reinvested into funding the operational costs for initiating the following phases, ensuring we will continue with the drilling and mining operations. The other 50% will be reserved for the gold redemption programme. Gold redemption will be one of the unique use cases of the $APRA token directly connected to the company's main activity and source of revenue — gold mining. Every 1,000,000,000 $APRA token will be tied to 50% of the gold acquired. It will be redeemable for $APRA tokens in proportionate amounts based on the current stake of the investor in the total supply of $APRA. The stake will be measured on a percentile basis.

APRAEMIO Comparison

Pax Gold
Tether Gold
Tether Gold
Gold backing structure
50% of the acquired gold is backing the total supply
1 g / token
1 troy ounce / token
1 troy ounce / token
Research & Drillings
30 years concession in Mali, Africa
ROI Potential
Exceptionally high, growing supply of gold
Low: Token Price is fixed to gold
Low: Token Price is fixed to gold
Low: Token Price is fixed to gold
Key Differentations
Strong research pillar, 20 years of expertise, exclusive concession for 30 years, 5% of total supply dedicated to charity, gold redemption program
Lack of transparency around gold storage and auditing
Regulated by the New York Department of Financial Services
First-mover advantage, reputation issues

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Meet our team of creators, experts, and fabulous problem-solvers

We believe that a person invests in the project and also the team itself. We are really proud of our experts who tirelessly work to bring success to Apraemio. Let us introduce them to you:

Zoltán Varga

Zoltán is a successful businessman in several sectors and he has been in the gold market for over the last 15 years. Due to his experience, the management of Apraemio is in steady hands.

Mihály Tóth

Being the CFO of a company is always a challenging role, especially if the company’s worth is up to millions. Thanks to the success of this group of companies, Mihály’s skillset is unmatched when it comes to managing finances.

Tamás Kis

As a Chief Operations Officer, Tamás’s work is essential to the management of Apraemio. Without his wide range of knowledge and dedication to understanding every aspect of the team, Apraemio would never be the same.

László Szenthe

As the head of the IT department, László has years of expertise in blockchain technology and is now leading a team of developers to make APRA’s ecosystem as safe as possible.

Gergő Szőke

Gergő is a seasoned marketing and business development professional demonstrating a remarkable ability to shape impactful strategies. His expertise extends into business development within the blockchain industry, where he has been actively involved since 2017.

Martin Haider

As a Graphic Designer,
Martin's role is essential for creating visually appealing designs for various marketing and branding materials that stand out from the crowd and make Apraemio as visually unique as possible.

Asim Sarwar

Asim has been a part of the crypto space since 2016 and has a wealth of experience working along side some of the biggest projects in the space. As Advisor, he will be responsible for ensuring the success of Apraemio’s launch campaigns, fundraising and strategic partnerships going forward.

Dóra Lichtenstein

She is the marketing manager at Apraemio, with expertise in crypto and blockchain since 2021. Her role is pivotal in communicating Apraemio's value, leveraging a deep understanding of blockchain to engage investors and drive innovation in digital finance.

Francis Chinonso

Popularly known as ThePeakMan is our Community Manager. He plans and hosts events to enhance the community's experience and helps develop partnerships to expand our project's horizons. His dedication strengthens our community bonds and propels our project to new heights.

Vlada Kozlovska

Vlada, the Affiliate Program Manager at Apraemio, has been actively involved in the crypto marketing landscape since 2019. She brings extensive experience in marketing, affiliate management, and ambassador programs at renowned crypto companies.In her crucial role at Apraemio, Vlada is instrumental in expanding the brand's reach, boosting token purchases, and fostering a large, global community of brand advocates.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions ordered by popularity. Remember that if the visitor has not committed to the call to action, they may still have questions (doubts) that can be answered.

What is Apraemio?

The Apraemio project is centered around launching a deflationary utility token named $APRA, which is backed by a reserve of Gold that grows over time. This token aims to offer a solution to the challenges of market volatility and inflation by allowing token holders to exchange their $APRA tokens for high-quality gold in the future, regardless of the token's market price at the time of distribution. The project caters to investors looking for secure investment opportunities and a hedge against inflation, leveraging the intrinsic value of Gold. The Apraemio ecosystem includes a blockchain-based web platform for various use cases such as acquiring physical gold, car purchasing, and real estate services, among others. This comprehensive solution targets both experienced and inexperienced investors, offering a balance between investment security, potential ROI, and an inflation hedge.

How to buy $APRA?

To buy $APRA tokens, you need to visit the Apraemio website and click on the "Buy $APRA" option. This will direct you to the Apraemio Dashboard where you can proceed with the purchase. You can buy $APRA tokens using cryptocurrencies, credit card payments, or bank transfers. It's necessary to connect your crypto wallet or create one if you haven't already, as this is essential for receiving your $APRA tokens​.

How does Apraemio guarantee transparency in gold mining operations?

Through transparent reporting, third-party audits, and live streaming of mining operations, Apraemio ensures investors can track progress and verify the integrity of its mining activities.

How does the gold redemption process work for $APRA token holders?

Token holders can exchange $APRA for physical gold based on the token's current gold value equivalent, reinforcing its real-world utility and investment appeal.

Where is the team currently based?

The main headquarters for Apraemio is in Budapest, Hungary. There are also remote staff who work on the project in Europe and Africa.

How many people are working on this project?

There are eight core team members for Apraemio, and several other workers contribute to daily tasks such as the Sales team, community management and moderation team. In total, there are over 20 staff working on Apraemio each day.

Can $APRA tokens be used for purchases outside the Apraemio ecosystem?

Initially, $APRA's utility is focused within the Apraemio ecosystem for services like gold redemption, real estate, and more. Plans include broader utility through strategic partnerships.

How does Apraemio plan to handle regulatory changes in the cryptocurrency and gold mining sectors?

Inside of the ecosystem by closely monitoring regulatory landscapes and adapting its operations and compliance strategies accordingly, Apraemio aims to navigate and thrive amidst regulatory shifts.

How is the project currently financed?

The project is currently financed through the founders, who have several companies that have been active and have been making profits since 2008. There has also been a successful ongoing private sale. The company is in discussions with several VCs and private investors worldwide to provide more significant funding for the project and a long-term runway.

What environmental considerations does Apraemio take into account in its mining operations?

Apraemio is committed to sustainable mining practices, using technology that minimizes environmental disruption and ensuring operations comply with environmental standards.

What blockchain are we using?

$APRA is using BNB Smart Chain. There are plans for $APRA to migrate and be available on several networks in the future, such as Ethereum, Polygon, Mantle, etc.

Do we have expertise in this area?

The team has over a decade of expertise in gold and mining, with Arteus Capital and Green Gold Systems being established in 2008 and 2014, respectively. In addition, many of the staff members for Apraemio have a professional background in the Web3 industry, with several industry professionals joining the team, such as Blockchain Developers, Marketers, Business Developers and more.

The founders of Apraemio are actively involved in educating themselves about Web3, and they have a passion and belief that merging Web3 with the gold mining industry can benefit both sectors.

What is the problem we are solving?

There are almost no projects in the crypto space that are backed by real-world tangible assets. As a result, many projects have failed and need something more substantial to support their growth, development, and sustainability. This has led to the average lifespan of many crypto projects to be twelve months or even less.

As a result of the thousands of crypto projects on the market, many investors have found their investments to be highly volatile. They have experienced huge losses, and many tokens need more utility or long-term rewards for holding.

How are we solving the problem?

Apraemio is a Real World Asset project backed by gold. As part of its commitment to value and token scarcity, Apraemio operates a Gold Redemption Program. Under this program, investors can redeem $APRA tokens for physical gold. Through Apraemio's gold redemption program, we can assure investors that they will receive 50% of the mined precious metal. Upon redemption, the company will burn the tokens, leading to a steadily decreasing supply of $APRA tokens—a mechanism contributing to token deflation and potential appreciation in value over time. Apraemio allows investors to invest in a project with over ten years of work already; each investor will be protected by the power to redeem their tokens for physical gold in the future, providing them with a long-term sense of security.  

The gold which can be redeemed will also slowly grow each day, as 50% of the gold which GGS mines and justifies through laboratory results will back the  $APRA token, and the longer the user is to hold, the more valuable each token will be in terms of the gold they can redeem.

Several projects have not provided anything for users in the medium to long term; Apraemio is something different; investors will not be punished for holding, but instead, they will be rewarded.

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