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Welcome to APRAEMIO

A gold token backed
by a gold mine in Mali

Apraemio is a digital asset that not only stores but extends its value thanks to its ever-increasing gold backing system.

About us

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Apraemio is among those digital assets that store value and is designed to multiply their given utility by the ever-increasing gold backing system. This feature is unmatched in financial institutions, meaning that there is no other gold-backed cryptocurrency similar to Apraemio. 

Presale Price
APRA supply is backed by
50% of our mined gold from Mali.
1 APRA = 0.45 USD
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Token Distribution
Token Name: APRA
Token Type: Utility
Chain: BEP-20
Token ICO:  100 million
Token Supply: 1 billion
Vesting: 60%
1 APRA worth:
0.05 gold or 3 USD
Public Sale Price
1 APRA = 0.75 USD
Smart Contract Address

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How to buy APRA Tokens?

1. Click buy APRA
Clicking on the ‘buy APRA’ buttons will lead to the Apraemio Dashboard where you can purchase, track, and later exchange your tokens!
2. Select your payment method
APRA tokens can be purchased by cryptocurrencies, credit card payments, or bank transfers.
3. Choose your package
Browse among our packages for extra discounts or just type in the amount you would like to buy.
4. Connect your wallet & ready to go
Connect your crypto wallet or make one if you don’t have already. Creating a crypto wallet on the Binance Smart Chain is a critical point to receive your APRA tokens.

research and technology

Learn about our technology


The research procedure at the gold mine is a combination of traditional methods and the VMF satellite technology.


The partner company of Apraemio, Green Gold System, possesses a license on a gold mine in Mali for the next 30 years.


Apraemio applies the most advanced scientific exploration services via satellites for its territories to ensure it is the optimal place to begin the drilling to find gold.

Our team

Meet our team of creators, experts, and fabulous problem-solvers

We believe that a person invests in the project and also the team itself. We are really proud of our experts who tirelessly work to bring success to Apraemio. Let us introduce them to you: 

Zoltán Varga

Zoltán is a successful businessman in several sectors and he has been in the gold market for over the last 15 years. Due to his experience, the management of Apraemio is in steady hands.

Mihály Tóth

Being the CFO of a company is always a challenging role, especially if the company’s worth is up to millions. Thanks to the success of this group of companies, Mihály’s skillset is unmatched when it comes to managing finances.

Tamás Kis

As a Chief Operations Officer, Tamás’s work is essential to the management of Apraemio. Without his wide range of knowledge and dedication to understanding every aspect of the team, Apraemio would never be the same.

László Szenthe

As the head of the IT department, László has years of expertise in blockchain technology and is now leading a team of developers to make APRA’s ecosystem as safe as possible

Gergő Szőke

Gergő is a seasoned marketing and business development professional demonstrating a remarkable ability to shape impactful strategies. His expertise extends into business development within the blockchain industry, where he has been actively involved since 2017.

Martin Haider

As a Graphic Designer,
Martin's role is essential for creating visually appealing designs for various marketing and branding materials that stand out from the crowd and make Apraemio as visually unique as possible.

Jamie Crotty

Jamie is the content strategist for Apraemio, he is in charge of social media strategy, content planning, community management and partnership development

Asim Sarwar

Asim has been a part of the crypto space since 2016 and has a wealth of experience working along side some of the biggest projects in the space. As Head of BD, he will be responsible for ensuring the success of Apraemio’s launch campaigns, fundraising and strategic partnerships going forward.

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