What is Apraemio?

Apraemio is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that combines the stability of gold with the innovative technology of blockchain. You can now participate in the presale of Apraemio by clicking this link.

How to buy APRA?

There are numerous ways to purchase APRA tokens. We are providing options like crypto wallet connection or FIAT methods. Visit https://apraemio.com/ to discover our offers.

When will APRA launch?

Apraemio is set to launch its public sale campaign on a major crypto exchange (CEX) in Q3 of 2023. More is to be announced shortly.

How to buy gold with crypto?

There are several options to buy gold with crypto. If you hold APRA, you can easily switch your tokens to gold anytime you want. Check out our roadmap for more information about the timetable.

What crypto is backed by gold?

Apraemio is a revolutionary cryptocurrency backed by gold like nothing else before. Apraemio’s partner company has mining rights and provides the mined gold to back up APRA on a monthly basis.

Is gold a good investment in 2023?

Gold has been an extremely profitable source of investment in the last few months. With the help of Apraemio, you can easily invest in both gold and technology at the same time here.

How much is a gold coin worth?

Gold-backed cryptocurrencies usually have their prices fixed based on the price of gold, except for APRA. Apraemio uses gold’s stability and the constant price increase to deliver a high-potential investment opportunity.

How to invest in gold?

You can easily invest in gold with Apraemio. By clicking this link, you can choose the format of investment you would like to make, whether it is fiat or crypto.

How to invest in web3?

Web3 is one of the latest technological innovations out there to build your portfolio. Apraemio offers a unique solution as you invest in web3 with the stability of gold.

What is digital gold?

Digital gold is a new form of investment opportunity. They often refer to Bitcoin or ‘BTC’ as digital gold but Apraemio has reimagined this phrase. At Apraemio, we are developing a unique concept that combines the stability of gold and the innovation of blockchain.

How to buy gold coins?

Gold-backed coins usually can be bought on centralized crypto exchanges (CEX) by registering on the platform. However, if you are looking for an updated version of a gold coin, you can invest in Apraemio through our homepage by clicking here.

Where to buy gold coins?

Gold-backed coins are popular on centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges as well (CEX and DEX). If you are looking for an early opportunity, you can participate in the ICO of Apraemio on their homepage by clicking here.

Are gold coins a good investment?

Gold-backed coins and gold itself have been proving themselves over the last few months as an investment opportunity. If you seek an option with more potential than gold, it is Apraemio’s gold 2.0 token called APRA.

How to sell gold coins?

If you have obtained digital gold coins in the past, you can trade them on exchanges back to their current fiat value. However, if you want to sell APRA, you can do it by converting it to physical gold through Apraemio when the mining operations have started.

How many cryptocurrencies have failed?

98% of launched cryptocurrencies have failed since their launch. This is why it is so important to do your own research. Apraemio provides a highly detailed whitepaper for you to make sure you are investing in the remaining 2% with us.

What causes cryptocurrency to rise and fall?

The current market price of goods is dictated by supply and demand. Kindly note that it is similar to regular markets, not just cryptocurrencies.

How does cryptocurrency gain value?

A cryptocurrency is gaining value thanks to its true utility and usefulness of it. For example, Apraemio’s utility is based on the continuous supply of gold coming from our gold mine in Mali.

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